About SmileVision TV

Benefits designed for a fully engaged culture

When we started out, nearly 16 years ago, we created a distribution conduit shifting the course of internal marketing and patient perception. We set out to meet the unique demands of some of our friends. Those friends happened to be dentists and SmileVision was born! The benefits of SmileVision TV are designed for a fully engaged culture. In addition to being both low-cost and high-value, our products are practical and functional. We dared in developing fun and easy-to-use products that can engage entire teams; from establishing sales and marketing point of care, to leveraging in-office education videos for patients. SmileVision TV is your marketing vehicle.

Internal marketing is an open door creating two critical opportunities

  1. Educate your existing patients of all the benefits of your business
  2. Emphasize the process of turning patients from inactive sources into lively, engaged believers who consistently refer new patients.

Managed properly, your business will be successful when applying SmileVision TV’s products as they can deliver your precisely desired business marketing and sales strategies. It will no doubt be a powerful internal marketing solution that provides an advantage to communicate directly to loyal and new patients about the benefits of your services.