February is Dental Health Month!

Every dentist knows the value of education in his or her own life: attending years of school then spending time and money on continuing education to be aware of the latest and greatest patient advances. By some estimates, each dentist spends almost a thousand dollars and one hundred hours on continuing education annually.

With that kind of investment, practitioners need and want to pass along to patients what they learn. We all know educated patients make better decisions about their dental health: they have increased compliance with maintenance activities like brushing and flossing, they are more receptive to receiving the proper treatments, and they fully understand available treatment options and their value. They are willing to invest because they have knowledge. But how is it possible to create a practice where the educated patient is the norm rather than the exception?

It is easy to assume patients know what dentists know. But a busy dentist doesn’t really have time to spend extra hours passing along what he or she learned at the latest conference to every patient who visits the office. Successful dentists, like Dr. Bill Dorfman, celebrity dentist to the stars, have found a tool to use the time a patient spends in the reception area to educate patients. The tool is SmileVision TV® or SVTV®.

SVTV® brings custom content to reception area television and to your office website. It’s possible to choose from a list of available topics and patients of the practice receive valuable information in an “infotainment” format while they await appointments. It’s like a continuing ed conference for each patient—without the hefty price tag. The no-ad format means every minute counts. After all, the speaker at your conference doesn’t stop his presentation every fifteen minutes to recite ads, does he?

Ramp up your patient education in office and online. Direct patients to your website to view personal content about hygiene, procedures, or even your own biographical material so they can meet you prior to the visit. Let them read testimonials and learn answers to their most frequently asked questions. You have the knowledge, so share it with your patients!

Reception area-based SVTV® maximizes the available time and opportunity for patient education. Dr. Dorfman’s recommendation means you can trust our value. Check out our customizable, no-ad content specifically designed for your practice needs at our website. Captivate your audience!