Premium Television

Take back control of your television screen!

Transform your traditional television into a powerful internal, professionally managed marketing tool; taking the professional’s customer-experience to the next level.

Whether you use it in your reception area, consult or treatment rooms, mobile, tablet, computer, or iPad: any screen can display multiple panels. SmileVision TV’s Premium Television presents dynamic, engaging content that attracts and holds viewer attention by communicating relevant information in an entertaining and informative manner.

The message chosen to display is subtle yet significant, promoting all business services, products, new programs, and professional introductions! Simply login to and remotely access your account from any Internet-connected device to begin personalizing internal marketing strategies.

Inform customers of unique services; display credentials and accomplishments; service philosophies to share with customers’ personal or professional interests, hobbies, travel, and families; introduce office staff, associates, management, and more. SmileVision TV’s Premium TV is a marketing innovation engineered for serious business professionals embracing a truly unique internal marketing solution. And don’t forget to change out the season and holiday greetings!