Dr. Kate Gross

Have you ever tried to find that perfect Internal Marketing tool? That one thing that sets you apart from the rest, yet benefits your patients in a major way? Look no more! It’s here! SmileVision TV has been a blessing to my practice and my patients in ways beyond belief.

The information flows seamlessly on the screen, while discussing procedures my patients really care about, in an interactive and exciting way.

The information is also completely customizable. It’s easy to log in and change which messages we want to be shown, so we can tailor it to suit our practice’s image.

SVTV has revolutionized the dental world through this amazing technology and I’m always looking forward to seeing what lies ahead. I recommend SmileVision TV to anyone!

Dr. Kate Gross Salina, KS USA Subscribed since 2010


Dr. Kate Gross Salina, KS USA Subscribed since 2010

SmileVision TV is amazing!! I signed up our office over a year ago and have been ecstatic ever since